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  • Gallagher Marine Academy Approach


      Gallagher Marine Academy integrates adaptable online learning for the modern professionals with maintaining the discipline of a classroom via providing superior teaching and quality course content. Interlocking these learning strategies captures our pledge to educate at the highest level, while harmonizing traditional and innovative learning techniques.

      Gallagher Marine Academy programs strive to provide high level, comprehensive training via e-learning at the convenience of the student. Our e-classroom offerings impart strategies where education and training hold value and retention whereby the student carries it into and shares it continuously in the workplace.

      e-Learning fulfills and can intensify the learning in a classroom

      It has been well-documented that people learn in different ways. While a person may learn well from a traditional classroom setting others absorb the same amount of information, in minutes by listening to an audio and/or visual demonstration explanation.

      This flexibility and social premise allows the Gallagher Marine Academy to use alternative teaching methods and reverse the traditional teaching methods by allowing attendees/students to learn at their own pace. This is achieved by our design of brief lesson modules covering concepts explained with multimedia content created or aggregated by the teacher or group of experts, delivered over the platform.

      Online Courses

      Gallagher Marine is investing every day since many years in training because we believe that the knowledge is ... 

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      Community of professionals

      A good network is a community of professionals who facilitate sharing and spreading of knowledge. 

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      Courses On Site

      We maintain a very diversified staff of highly trained & experienced personnel. 

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