About us and our vision

Gallagher Marine Academy is the newest branch of Gallagher Marine Systems (GMS). GMS was founded by Mr. John J. "Jack" Gallagher in the early 1990s and continues to be a global leader in OPA '90 services. Since then, GMS has established itself as the leader in Maritime, land-based, and the energy industry’s most comprehensive source of full-service and in-depth compliance. Through a commitment to customer service, quality and loyalty, GMS has grown our reputation organically through these core values and relationships with our growing customer base of ship owners/operators/managers, facilities and other related industry partners trading to North America and beyond.

Our established core expertise of GMS experts and our well-established curriculum serve as the basis for the courses available at Gallagher Marine Academy. The focus of our curriculum is placed on seafarers of all levels who are required to continuously improve their knowledge base to fulfill their daily responsibilities and shoreside staff who must continue learning the latest information necessary to support their fleet.

Gallagher Marine Academy is committed to providing education designed to equip students for success. With a flexible format and web-based e-learning platform, Gallagher Marine Academy offers an innovative opportunity for continued education and professional growth.

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And so our adventure begins...and NOW continues

Primarily inspired by the implementation of the U.S. Oil Pollution Act of 1990 (OPA ’90), Gallagher Marine Systems (GMS) has incorporated the highly respected incident management expertise of its founder, Jack Gallagher (1929-2018). This has continued via a team of highly skilled professionals representing a broad range of disciplines that support the maritime and incident response industries.

Our course instructors have responded to hundreds of incidents and served in all positions and levels for public and private sector organizations. This collaboration of vast experience brings life to our online course modules all of which are available via the Gallagher Marine Academy. Our courses are developed and updated regularly by our industry experts with the highest standards established in the industry.

The PEOPLE - GMS Investment

Gallagher Marine Academy believes that an ever-complex industry demands a wide-reaching pool of expertise with expansive knowledge, the ability to engage, and propensity to cultivate ideas.

The professional culture at Gallagher Marine Academy supports you; individuals and businesses learning and succeeding by transforming knowledge into action. With this mindset, our team of experts are able to continually shape content that fits the evolving needs of clients and students; partnering with them in designing training, and creating value-added change. Gallagher Marine Academy's unique capability to define and disseminate new organizational routines, supported by advanced digital learning tools, positions itself as a well-respected partner in international markets, regularly being called upon for constructive dialogue.