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Students should log in to Gallagher Marine Academy using their Academy ID (IT Account username and password). When they have logged in, the Gallagher Marine Academy home page will open. A list of courses will be visible in the My courses block (top right) and in the Navigation Tray (left). To open their course page, they can select a Gallagher Marine Academy course from the list.
Primary Instructors associated with a class in are given the role of Teacher in Gallagher Marine Academy and receive unlimited access to course design, teaching, and grading tools. Note: The process of listing instructors may
take three (3) business days or longer.
The privacy of individual information, whether financial, health, demographic, or otherwise identifiable is a value to which Gallagher Marine Academy adheres. The purpose of this policy is to affirm the Gallagher Marine
Academy commitment to protect the privacy of its community, and others who have entrusted their data to its care. The policy informs the Gallagher Marine Academy community of its obligations around the privacy of personally identifiable information
(PII), including their obligation to comply with all existing laws and institutional policies regarding the privacy of data.