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    A good network is a community of professionals who facilitate sharing and spreading of knowledge.


      Through an extensive network of industry experts built by Gallagher Marine Systems (GMS), Gallagher Marine Academy has developed exceptional course content and curriculum.

      Gallagher Marine Academy staff members include former U.S. Coast Guard personnel, seafarers, emergency responders; HSQE managers; sailing Masters and Engineers, senior federal & state environmental response regulatory personnel; oil spill response experts, and more. Biographies of many of these personnel are able to be viewed on the Gallagher Marine Systems Website.

      In addition to GMS personnel, the Gallagher Marine Academy boasts a network of contributing network partner/professionals that safeguard course content and curriculum to keep informed and updated as requirements, protocols, and industry needs evolve.

      Gallagher Marine Academy’s broad range of industry experts, coupled with the training and e-learning platform, offer an experience that will enable students to reach their high standard, training objectives.

      Students have the ability to remain engaged in continuing education via Gallagher Marine Academy "online forums", mailing lists, live streaming, and chats. Further, this continued touch point will allow for discussion groups that facilitate the comparison, reflection, and debate on certain issues with industry experts, as well as sharing problems and solutions with people who have common work experiences.

      Online Courses

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      Courses On Site

      We maintain a very diversified staff of highly trained & experienced personnel. 

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