In the current evolutionary phase of the economy, which is characterized by processes of globalization and market liberalization, the organization of the flow of goods and transport, according to an organic and integrated vision, represents a competitive success factor for the production and distribution system.

The Maritime transportation is a derived demand whose main purpose is to support trade, business and commerce - whether global or domestic, whether cargo or passengers.

Gallagher Marine Academy’s largest section of courses is directed to personnel working strictly in the maritime industry. These courses pertain to owner/operators, vessel crew, response personnel, and those interested in furthering their careers in the maritime industry.



In this session you can choose specialized courses that provide a complete and high-quality training required by the modern Shipping Industry.

The courses are designed and delivered by expert practitioners and the learning process is complemented by discussion of ad hoc business cases and specific issues in remote, via chats and/or forum, and in case of classroom, via webinar.

All courses and lessons are self-paced and provide a Certificate of Completion upon successful execution.

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