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Cyber Risk at Sea


The Cyber Crimes become a widespread  phenomenon, increasingly international and must be effectively counteracted.  One of the last attack was againist the most important Shipping Organization, IMO and surely this event has shocked the companies and business operators. Obviously, the cyber attacks are most dangerous specially in the shipping industry for safety reasons. Surely, what we can say is that  the human factor is surely considered  the weakest link in that chain , the key that the hackers use to penetrate the IT and OT Systems on board a ship  or in the office of your company. 

The target of this course are: Managers, S&Q personnel, DPA/CSO, S/Is having a role in the shipping industry.

The General Objectives of this Cyber Risk at Sea course are:

  1. Giving information about the scenario of the most important cyber attacks (in the shipping industry and in other types of Organizations);
  2. What the most common cyber attacks are and how the hackers can penetrate the systems on board and in the office;
  3. Why and how you need to implement cyber recommandations;
  4. The relationship between the Cyber Risk at Sea and the SMS implementation as per regulations.

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